Sunday, August 19, 2007


"Don't eat it, it's bad for you."

"Eat your broccoli, it's good for you."

Surely we've ALL heard phrases like this in our life. Today's blog is the dissection of such statements, and the legitimacy of their claims.

First off, let me begin my analysis with this :

Oh god... look at that glorious oozing fatty gravy. Delicious. According to the accounts of 3 friends who work in the KFC business, the complex process of making this gravy can be simplified into the following equation :

Gravy powder + Water + Slag at the bottom of the oven = Gravy

Yep, that's how they make it. And you know what? I still eat it!

If my mother could read blogs, she'd probably tell me not to eat it since it looks like a pile of crap and directly translates to extra blob on my stomach.

So now I ask you a profound question ... is gravy bad for a person who loves it? Is it equally bad for a person who loves it, and is due to die in 1 hour?

They say stress is bad. If eating gravy reduces stresses, can't that be argued to be a good thing? If eating a nice hot pot of gravy puts a smile on your face on an otherwise very gray day, wouldn't it be worth it? I guess in the end, it all depends on perspective. Junkfood can be good for you. *grin*

Next time you don't allow yourself that extra scoop of icecream, ask yourself... why not?

Life isn't meant to be picture perfect. Let yourself laugh.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

City to surf


Bloody alarm clock. 6:20am.

Today is the city to surf.. 14km .. largest fun run in the world with 65000 participants. I was dreaming of this moment since yesterday. Drank lots of fluids.. ate lots of pasta.. that's all i really need isn't it? Ah bloody hell... where's that snooze button. 5 mins more sleep please.


=.= okay okay.

So I stumble out of bed.. have some cereal. Nutri-grain.. ironman cereal as advertised. I smile. Then I proceed to take a nice hot shower... and get ready to go. Not taking a jumper.. (11 degrees outside) since I don't want too much baggage. Don't need my wallet either. Just need my travel pass. Oh, don't forget your all important ankle brace (for my weak leg) and my bandanna (for style).

I stand in the doorway, on the border of warm and cold. Determination furrows my brow, as I ask myself "did I forget anything?". 2 minutes later, I decide that I didn't, and I shut the door. No keys, so the point of no return. I feel great. City to surf, here I come!

7:30am... made good time. Here comes the bus now. Sunday morning, and I see many people are already standing up inside the metallic vessel that is destined to take me to the location of my glory. Lots of fellow city to surfians. All of them are fat. Excellent, I feel superior. They all have their bibs on.. I don't though. I don't need to put it on till later. I'm that much cooler.

8am .. Time to find the starting line. So many people here! I better go towards the front. I take my place as part of the crowd, and act indifferent.

9am .. Still standing here. Weak leg is beginning to ache a little ... then I hear the first horn to indicate that the red pack (the top runners) have begun running. Damn, I have to pee!

9:15am .. Second horn rings. Still not my group though. Bloody hell. HSBC runners are off now. I'm thinking that they're gonna steal all the portaloos!

9:30am .. The horn has blown! We're off!! YEAH!! A camera! Time to act obscene! YOOO HOOO!! haha great ....... *walks really slowly* ...... well, this is quite anti climactic. damn it you slow noobs, hurry up, or move outta the way!!

9:40am .. Now I'm off! Woot! Trotting now.. *grin* I bet the girls behind me are thinking I'm such a powerful runner. I can feel their eyes on me. hoho .. How can I not be noticed when I'm overtaking so many people?! *smug* Time to turn up the heat *begins to weave in and out of the crowd* Damn I must look cool. Hey, there's a guy in a bikini! .. damn toilets, where are they?! ooo drink stand. Damn people, get out of my way! I have a race to win!!

10am haha a drink stand. No need for that. Only losers need fluids. I stocked up the night before. I'm smart. :D

10:10am woo .. a toilet! ahhh ... that feels good. :)

10:15am Ankle is beginning to ache a bit. Breath is alright. Can feel myself tiring a little. Hmm.. not too good. Well, at least I conquered heartbreak hill. Damn, thirsty. Should have got some fluids in me earlier.

10:20am *twists my ankle on my weak leg on the curb* ARGH!!! NO! My glory! My red bib. Nooooo!! Must.. try and run on.... argh... need to rest. Damn, here comes one of those medical guys. Yes I'm fine.. just let me rest it a bit. I'll be fine to go on. It takes awhile for me to get back into the rhythm of running. How far have I walked? How long have I walked? I've fallen way behind my intended schedule. Doesn't look good... plus my ankle is beginning to strain enormously -- wooo a drink stand. yay! *gulp* .. mm nice, another cup. *gulp* heehee *gulp* wooo! *gulp*

10:21am urgh.. cant ... run. too ... bloated!

10:50am *crosses the finish line* Yes, finally. 83 mins... not good enough to be in the top starting pack next year. :( Guess I need to wait till next year. *hobbles off*

Monday, July 30, 2007

Awesomeness in absoluteness

Sometimes I think my version of a romance is a bit strange. But.. I guess that's what I need. A strange romance.

In an EXTREMELY strange mood lately. I'm not feeling down, but I have no intention of smiling. I have no bloody idea what's going on! Maybe something big is gonna happen.

Lights went out last night... was reduced to creeping around the house with candles. :)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

My 2nd philosophy - Manipulation of concept

"What's the use of philosophy? It's not real"

A quote from a friend a few years ago.. and something I couldn't really answer back then. But here is my answer to you now.

Perspective. Everything is perspective. Emotion, heat, pain.. what are any of these elements if you cannot perceive them? Philosophy is everything.

So here's my train of thought these past few days... the concepts of failure and success. For all our lives, we have been drilled to the point of basing our actions and sense of worth over these 2 fundamental philosophical concepts. You can't see success or failure. You can't smell, taste, or touch it. They don't even exist, except in your mind. What is reality, other than how your mind paints the picture?

Why then, do we put such a contrasting light on 'success and failure' when they are philosophical terms (like good and evil) to exist solely in balance for one another? One must understand that life doesn't hold such absolutes. Everything is good... you must understand this.

Negative is 'good', for without it, positive wouldn't exist. 'FAILURE' is a label we give when something doesn't go the way WE want it to. It's not natural to have everything go according to how we planned. With so many people wanting the world to benefit themselves, is it any wonder why "life isn't fair"? How easy do you want it? You're not the sun.

Without failure, success would have no meaning. Everything is in balance, for a reason. Without sadness, you can't appreciate happiness. Without pain, you can't feel relief. Without hardship, you can't experience accomplishment. The power of negative serves a purpose, as does 'failure'.

One can learn much out of a failure, without which success won't be possible tomorrow. If a failure today allows you to learn how to achieve your dreams tomorrow, is it really a failure; or a lesson? Does the failure go from being 'bad' to being 'good'?

Therefore :

Failure is philosophical junkmail. There is only your goals, and the lessons you learn on the way. Failure is just a negative name we label 'lessons of life'. Aim to be life's student, and use the wisdom to reach your peak.

There is no reality except the one that filters through your perception. You have the power to manipulate the way reality works.

Use this to your advantage. When something negative happens, understand that it strengthens the positive. Find happiness within, and acceptance of the harmonic tendencies within life, and you'll find smiles will come alot easier.

You see what you expect to see.

I'm back - A declaration

Well, I'm in Australia now. It's been a solid 3 months since I last wrote. Just couldn't bring myself to be bothered to write.. I suppose it was the feeling that I was probably writing more for others than myself. Regardless of the prior circumstances, today I write for my own peace of mind.

I'd have to say things are moving along pretty smoothly. Plans plans plans.

Something that has been on my mind has been change. I look around me at all types of people, and I've concluded that the absolute worst thing a person can be is a fake. No matter what a person is like, they should do the honor of being true to themselves. But what if you don't like the person you are? How do you change who you are... without being a fake?

How does a poor man imitate a rich man, without appearing that he's trying too hard? Or how does a boy expect to act like a man when he looks like he's 15?

They say the change is gradual... I certainly hope so, cos it doesn't feel like I'm ever gonna change. haha

So I won't deny, the load is getting heavy, motivation is waning, and dreams are often flickering as if at any moment, I'll forget what they are.

Getting rich is harder than I thought. Skeptical eyes everywhere... a storm is brewing. Gotta start keeping this thing updated again. :)